About Us

OTA represents more than 1000 teachers, counselors, librarians, program specialists, school nurses, speech-language pathologists and psychologists in the Oceanside Unified School District.

In 1934, our first Oceanside representative to the San Diego County Teachers’ Association was Jack R. Tenney, the superintendent of Oceanside Elementary School District. In November of 1940, Oceanside Teachers began to organize their own teachers association. In 1942, teachers salary was $1,320 per year with a $50 annual increase. By 1945, we were known as the Oceanside Elementary Teachers’ Association. Later, the district became known as Oceanside-Libby Union School District, we changed to OLETA. Finally, in 1959 we changed our name to Oceanside Teachers Association when the district changed their name to Oceanside Unified School District. On March 2, 1965 OTA completed requirements of Board Policy #4135.3 and was recognized as an employee organization of OUSD. In September, 1968 the OUSD Board voted for the Blue Cross Plan to be used for the District Health Plan. Our history continues to be recorded to remind us of where we have been. 

“As the years have gone by, as we’ve grown larger we’ve added committees, dropped some, changed the names of some. Temporary committees have been formed to take care of emergencies, as needed. Much work is done by many people, officers and committee members. Without all of you and your work, we would have no organization. Officers, workers and members YOU are our Teachers’ Association.” Delis B. Benedict, OTA Historian, 1968-70

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