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CTA/NEA has many member benefits please click on the links below. 

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Benefits in the palm of your hand.

The “CTA Member Benefits” App is available for your Apple iPhone or iPad from the App Store. The Android App is available for download from Google play. 

This application is designed to assist members of the California Teachers Association with accessing and utilizing the Association’s Member Benefits programs and services. 

It has five general components:

Featured Benefit: The App will receive notifications from Member Benefits about special and limited offers, contests, giveaways and other exciting ways to save money or win prizes.

Benefits: Descriptions of the benefits offerings designed by CTA and its partners specifically for educators, including information about how to obtain these benefits, contact the companies and access other resources for more detailed information. Perfect for leaders promoting these programs. 

Locations: Find the buildings for endorsed credit unions and CTA offices quickly and easily!

Events: Find steps, advice and relevant contact information for anyone setting up a chapter, UniServ or SCC event at CTA that features Member Benefits. 

Advocacy: CTA stands behind its endorsed products, and is ready to assist members who may have any issues. Find the step by step process to satisfaction outlined here.

OTA recommends all CTA members install this App to ensure they are maximizing the benefits of their membership!

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